Principal’s Message

Welcome to Forest Grove Elementary School!

My name is Ceri Brophy, and I have the privilege of being the new principal at Forest Grove this school year.

Our website is one of the ways we can communicate information and we hope you will find the pages informative and helpful.

Our school is a place that aims to be a welcoming hub that promotes an inclusive and happy learning community. Members of our school strive to create a caring and engaging learning environment for our students that is safe for all. The partnership of parents, students, staff and community members make this school great!

Forest Grove is part of a unique community in North East Burnaby. Our school is situated in a beautiful wooded park setting at the base of Burnaby Mountain. Forest Grove provides a centre for families and includes a variety of community services including a school-based daycare, Parks and Recreation facility, and a Family Strong Start Centre.

We have a diverse student population of approximately 350 students in grades Kindergarten through seven, who exhibit a wide variety of strengths and learning needs.  We are privileged to be home to the only District Mandarin Language Development Program in Burnaby, which is offered to students in Kindergarten through Grade 7.  The Forest Grove staff is highly collaborative and implements initiatives, structures, and teaching strategies that meet the needs of the students we serve.

Our Parent Advisory Council has a significant role in all aspects of school life at Forest Grove. They assist in bringing our school and our community together by hosting wonderful family events that draw not only family members of our students but community members that do not have students attending our school.  Parents are instrumental in contributing to the intellectual, physical, social and emotional well being of all students. We truly value the contribution they make and appreciate their support as partners in the educational experience for all children, after all, you are our students’ first and foremost teachers.