Under the British Columbia School Act, an educational program will be provided for every school-aged student who is ordinarily resident in Burnaby. Additionally, the Board of Education has established policy that allows for students who meet the district’s admission eligibility regulation and who reside outside of Burnaby or who are temporarily residents in Burnaby the opportunity to attend a Burnaby public school. To establish enrollment eligibility, every student seeking admission to a Burnaby school is required to provide documentation establishing residency, guardianship, age and citizenship.

Students register at the school within the designated attendance area where the student ordinarily resides or make application to attend another school or educational program within the district.  The school locator can help you determine the attendance area your address is associated with.

Priority for the upcoming school year will be given to applications received during the month of February. Additional ranking criteria will be used to determine admission if space in a desired school or district program is limited.

To review general registration information, registration information specific to your child including kindergarten students, students new to the district, student transfers (cross district and out-of-district), students going into grade 8, newcomers to Canada, International students or language program options, or review the factors and priorities that determine a student’s placement in a Burnaby school, you will be redirected to the district website by clicking here.

Registration Process at Forest Grove Elementary

For ALL registrations, please call to make an appointment at 604-296-9026, and bring original documents with you to your appointment. Click here to see a list of documents required to bring to your appointment.  If your child is currently enrolled in either the English or Mandarin Program at Forest Grove School, it is not necessary to re-register.

New Kindergarten Registrations

If your child was born in 2013, you may register him/her for Kindergarten in September, 2018.
Registration begins on Thursday, February 1st until Wednesday, February 28th, 2018.

New Cross-District Registrations (live in Burnaby, but out of Forest Grove catchment)

To be considered an on-time applicant, you must apply between Feb. 1-28, 2018.
Please register your child at your home school and ask for a Cross-District form, which needs to be completed and signed by your Catchment/Current School Principal. You may then leave it with the home school to forward to us, or you may drop it off at Forest Grove without an appointment..

New Out-of-District Registrations (live outside of Burnaby)

To be considered an on-time applicant, you must apply between Feb. 1-28, 2018. These may be dropped off without an appointment.

Mandarin Language Arts Program Applicants

Applications for Mandarin will be accepted between Feb. 1-28, 2018 for new students entering Mandarin Kindergarten to Grade 1. You may complete an language application form when you register at your home school, and it will be sent to us through our internal school mail, or you may drop it off at Forest Grove without an appointment.

Student Information Form (Registration Form)

Medical Form (required for ALL applicants)

District Language Program Application Form (Mandarin applicants)

Cross District Application Form

Out-of-District Application Form Jan 2017