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Arrival & Drop Offs

To ensure the Health & Safety of students, staff, and families, we’re asking everyone to please follow these steps for drop off and pick up each day:


  1. If at all possible, please WALK to school, or at least park away from the school to avoid traffic jams
    1. There will be no parking available on school grounds, but you’re welcome to use the Kiss & Drop…but it must literally be a kiss & drop.
  2. Please arrive within 5 minutes of the warning bell:
    1. Intermediates = 8:50 bell for school start
    2. Primaries = 9:05 bell for school start
  3. Students line up outside classroom door using markers for spacing.  Please attempt to remain physically distanced from others.
    1. Family members, please ensure 2 meter distance between you and other students/families.  This is especially important to remind siblings.
    2. Wearing a mask is advisable and encouraged.
  4. If you arrive late, please use your classroom door only.  No entry at the office.


  1. Again, if possible, please walk or park away from the school to avoid traffic congestion.
  2. Please arrive on time for dismissal:
    1. Intermediates = 2:47 p.m. dismissal
    2. Primaries = 3:02 p.m. dismissal
    3. We ask that families please not congregate outside of classrooms to avoid physical distancing issues


Yep, this is the case for many of our families, but was somewhat unavoidable regarding staff schedules.  Should this be the case, here are some suggestions of which I’m hoping at least one will work for you.  However, please do NOT drop off your primary and intermediate student off at 8:50ish in the morning as we need to stagger the start as much as possible.

MORNING (Important that we don’t all arrive at the same time)
  1. You could drop off your intermediate child at 8:45ish and keep your primary child in your car with you (talking, reading books, playing games) until 9:00ish.
  2. If your intermediate child is old and mature enough that you’re comfortable with them walking to school (ideally with a classmate), then they could leave earlier, and you could drop off your primary child at 9:00ish.
AFTERNOON (Important that we don’t all leave at the same time)
  1. Your intermediate child can wait outside your primary child’s classroom until they are dismissed at 3:02 p.m. and you arrive.
  2. If your intermediate child is old and mature enough that you’re comfortable having them walk home (ideally with a classmate), then you could simply pick up your primary child at 3:02 p.m.

I understand that this may cause hardships with families.  If the staggered start is not working for your family, please let me know and we’ll try to figure out another possible solution.

If you are going to be late, please notify the office ASAP by phoning 604-296-9026.  We will bring your child to the Isolation Room in the Community Room near the office.

Thanks for doing your part to keep everyone safe.