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Remembrance Day

Hello Forest Grove Parents,

Even though we can’t official “assemble” to commemorate Remembrance Day as we normally would, the classes at Forest Grove have still be spending a lot of time remembering and trying to honour the sacrifices of veterans and have been thinking of ways that they can not only give thanks, but also give back to make a better world.

Today, we will sing the national anthem as a school at 11:00 a.m. and then watch the following video thatclasses contributed towards.

Feel free to watch the video, but as always, please do not post any of the images on other sites.  I will take the video down on Thursday, Nov. 12th.

As well, if you’d like to contribute to the Forest Grove “Poppy Fund”, you can make donations using SchoolCash Online 

All the best,

Mr. K. Gurney