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School Supply Lists for 2023-2024

Want to be ready for the next school year? Get started now with Creative Pack School Supplies.

Pre-Ordered & Pre-Packaged School Supplies that will SHIP to the school in SEPTEMBER

School Supply Pack Orders for the 2023/24 school year should be placed by Sunday, July 2, 2023 in order to qualify for free shipping. Orders placed after this date until August 2, 2023 will be shipped to your home address by September for an additional cost.  Please note: *These are optional*

Order online at:

Just choose the grade and either English or Mandarin program.

Detailed ordering instructions attached here How to Order a Creative Pack – Creative Packs (please note that only online ordering is available this year). 

Part A: The essential pack with items chosen by your teacher/school.

This comes as a package deal with all items listed included.  Items cannot be changed, substituted, or omitted.

IF there are Part B items: You MUST have all Part B items. Individual items may be purchased from us by adding them to your Pack order or bring them in from home.

IF there are Part C items they are optional.

Part B and/or C items must be ordered at the SAME TIME as the Part A pack. You cannot come back to the website and order Part B or C items separately.


Payment types accepted are VISA, MasterCard, Vanilla Prepaid VISA or MasterCard gift cards.

Packs may be ordered up until Sunday, July 2 with free shipping to the school.

After that date, a shipping fee of $10.25 will be applied and the pack will be shipped by Canada Post to their home address. Packs will have a tracking number that will be emailed to the parent/guardian 24 hours after it is processed by Canada Post.

The shipping cost will be $14.00 for packs ordered after Sunday, August 2 and no guarantee of delivery in time for the first week of school.


Thanks in advance,


Forest Grove PAC